Technical and Professional Development Seminars for the
Energy Transportation Sector

Foundational Training + Master Classes = Essentials

The Foundational Training Courses provide the framework, structure, and background for application of Regulations, Codes and Standards to the Canadian Energy Transportation Sector.
Each course includes the common set of modules and lecture which are mandatory for all pipeliners regardless of Role. Each course then provides an overview of the specific requirements related to the chosen topic.
Once completed students will typically work in their chosen field prior to taking individual Master Classes.

The Master Class Series is intended to provide topic specific training to experienced individuals who have completed previous code training and now wish to delve into their chosen topic in detail.
Each course includes a general topic review before doing a deep dive into the concepts and requirements.

The Essentials Program is a combination of Foundational and Master Classes for individual topics.
These courses are for experienced individuals who require detailed information on their chosen topic but have not previously had code training or are due for a refresher.

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Live Lecture Schedule for Foundational Courses

Edmonton, AB – September 23, 2024

Online modules will be available 6 weeks prior to the live lecture date.

All courses can be modified to meet your organization’s training requirements and are open to on-site presentation.
Presentations are also available in keynote and conference formats.

Explore the Available Master Class Courses

NASA Corp. offers a rotation of public presentations throughout the year