Positive Communication

NASA Corp Canada believes that immeasurable value rests in fostering positive relations and open communications with regulators and other industry stakeholders.

We all have an important role to play in public policy making by providing government decision-makers with the technical information to make informed decisions on increasingly complex issues.

NASA Corp. regulatory relations activities can assist clients in providing regulators and other decision makers with this essential information and recommendations required for positive outcomes.


NASA Corp. provides assistance to organizations that require rulings and determinations on the interpretation of specific clauses affecting their work.

In consultation with your staff, we can determine the correct submission protocol and craft requests to best clarify the issue and obtain expedient responses.


In circumstances where a variance application is a method of issue resolution to be examined, NASA Corp. can assist in the process with an advance assessment as well as executing the application process.

Standard and Code Development

NASA Corp. sponsors participation in National Code and Standard Committees.

Through this participation we build long-lasting relationships with stakeholders in order to foster an open dialogue on key technical and policy issues.