NASA Corp. offers three primary assessment services to support clients in assuring regulatory compliance.

Process Consulting

NASA Corp. provides process audit services to ensure all applicable requirements have been captured in the core process management aspects of your Safety and Loss Management System including:

  • Project Design
  • Materials Procurement
  • Construction, Assembly and Project Management
  • CRN Application
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Operations
  • Records Management

Technical Evaluations

Commensurate with the determination of the correct codes and standards for a given project, materials, components and equipment require traceable conformance verifications ranging from owners authorized inspection and third party product attestation to full certification performed by a Standards Council of Canada accredited Certification Body.

NASA Corp. offers on site witness testing and attestation service for material and product manufacturers. Where required by specific standards, product approval can also be facilitated.

Internal Audit Support

Time and time again history has shown that a “fresh set of eyes” can see things that highly trained and experienced staff, who are intimately familiar with product and process miss.

In this spirit, NASA Corp. can provide an extra audit team member to review and advise during the internal audit planning process as well as assist with conducting the audit when desired.

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